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Expensive Ignorance: Counsel and Client Hit with Sanctions for Failing to Understand Client’s Email Storage Methods

  Undeniably, the nature of electronic communications and electronic data retention has dramatically increased the scope and complexity of discovery.  However, it has also made it increasingly simple for opposing parties to identify spoliation and non-compliance with discovery orders.  More

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Citing its Inherent Authority to Sanction, Court Grants Motion for Sanctions Against Non-Party

It is pretty rare for a court to sanction a non-party, but in Amerisource Corp. v. Rx USA Int’l Inc., et al.,2010 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 67108 (July 6. 2010), that is exactly what the Eastern District of New York decided

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Cloud Computing: A Brief Overview

In the eDiscovery context, there are quite a few unusual terms thrown around: “Web 2.0,” “De-Duplicating,” “Non-native data” to name but a few. One concept that has been blogged about for years, but is still relatively confusing is “Cloud Computing.”

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