Our eDiscovery team starts with accountability, responsibility, and dedication to remaining ahead of the curve as to cutting-edge technology and ever-evolving case law covering the innumerable facets of eDiscovery-related trends and technological awareness. We are structured to interface with our colleagues and with our clients, ensuring that our active participation in the eDiscovery community and understanding of developments in the law and technology are most effectively and appropriately communicated. Some firms may view eDiscovery knowledge as a commodity. We view our experience and knowledge in the sector as a privilege. It is no secret that technology evolves quicker than the law. It is also not surprising. But we are prideful knowing that we keep ourselves, our colleagues, and our clients ahead of the curve at all times.  We at Cozen O’Connor have vast experience leveraging our knowledge of eDiscovery in all types of complex litigation.  Our experience enables us both to strategically negotiate discovery protocols at the outset of litigation and to handle eDiscovery issues that often come up during the course of litigation.  We understand the high stakes associated with eDiscovery-related disputes and the depth of our knowledge enables us to immediately and effectively address any challenges that may arise.  Clients value our experience this area and often seek our counseling to ensure continued compliance with best practices; we regularly draft and revise records management policies, discovery protocols and other mandates at our clients’ request, and frequently conduct training sessions on these subjects for our clients’ legal and business teams.


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