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Federal Court Incentivizes Narrow e-Discovery Through Cost Shifting

            A case does not have to involve complex commercial litigation or technical patent disputes to create serious electronic discovery problems. An excellent example of just how messy e-Discovery can get, even with age-old claims, is found in Cannata, et al.

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Expensive Ignorance: Counsel and Client Hit with Sanctions for Failing to Understand Client’s Email Storage Methods

  Undeniably, the nature of electronic communications and electronic data retention has dramatically increased the scope and complexity of discovery.  However, it has also made it increasingly simple for opposing parties to identify spoliation and non-compliance with discovery orders.  More

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Look Before you Leap: An Analysis of Hidden Costs Associated with Internet Social Media Marketing

      As with so many technological advances in the last 20 years, everyone is jumping at internet opportunities and no one wants to be left behind. This is particularly true of businesses, constantly innovating and fighting to stay

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